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Here is a quick
1 minute read of my top health tips.
Everyone is rushing about being so stressy………


Keep your health
at the TOP of your
your priority list this DECEMBER 🙂

It’s NOT about perfectionism….just do the best you can on a daily basis.
1: If it says LOWFAT on the package its screaming
low nutrients & hidden sugar that will keep you on a
blood sugar roller coaster all day…..
Tip – Bin ALL low fat / packaged /processed food
Do you HAVE to buy all of the CHRISTMAS chocolates, cakes and biscuits?

2: Stick to 3 meals per day no snacking made up of
meat / fish. Loads of green vegetables & FATS to
control & level your blood sugar – Start your day with a healthy
greens juice so at least you start the day healthy!

3: Train first thing in a fasted state. Eat your first meal
after working out.. Do a 10minute HIIT I’ll be on Facebook
LIVE at 8 come and join me TODAY

4: Eat a protein & fat rich breakfast as your first meal.

5: Ditch the dairy for fatloss.
Up your green veggies & fats every meal for
calcium & fatbusting nutrients.

6: Do a daily 10minute HIIT workout. Make it as intense
as possible.

7: Sugar is the enemy NOT fat.
It’s highly addictive for the brain
Cut it out & watch for hidden sugars in
food & drink.

8: Intermittent fasting for 18 – 22 hours is
useful tool
to rest the digestive system & get the body utilising your fat
for fuel.

9: Get a slow cooker and load it up daily
so you always come home to a healthy meal
ready and prepped.

10: Cook with Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Kick Start
Coconut oil & dress your food with high quality
virgin olive oil from a glass bottle.

11:Rotate your meats & fishes every day.
Don’t eat the same food
day in & day out.

12: Stress makes you fat!
The body releases more cortisol into
bloodstream which is the fat storing hormone.

13: The further we move away from nature
the fatter we become.

14: Ditch cows milk.
Substitute with Almond or Hazelnut milk.

15: Positive thinking makes you thin!
Change your thoughts & banish negative self chat.
Start your day with positive
affirmations & 5minutes meditation.

“Today I choose to eat clean unprocessed foods”

16: Fruit is the most heavily sprayed crop with pesticides.
Pesticides cause toxicity, messes with your thyroid & hormones.
Choose organic & seasonal if possible.

17: Good quality sleep is key for fastloss. Switch of all
phones, stand by on TV & all electronic items. Sleep
in a bat cave.

18:LOVE MORE. Hug, cuddle, love, kiss & snog more
people every day. Humans NEED touch & the heart
needs love.

19: SMILE…… 🙂

20: Limit alcohol if you want to get cortisol levels
down. Alcohol raises cortisol. Drop the booze if you want
to drop body fat.

#Happiness is a choice I make

Today choose happiness in all situations


Rachel xxx

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