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Eversfield Organic Bone Broth

Recently I have been talking all about Bone Broth and why including it in your daily nutritional plan can improve your health. Bone broth is said to help repair the gut lining and improve the digestion and hormonal balance in the body. I reviewed Eversfield Organic Farm’s Osius pre made broths to see how bone broth can fit into

The KSFL Swap Shop and Tips

We have some great little swaps for you today to help you enjoy the food you love KSFL STYLE! Swap your sugar packed chocolate mousse for our avocado version: blend raw cacao powder, avocado and almond milk for a smooth and creamy treat. Swap your sandwich for avocado or tomato buns! Grate a little raw

The Bullet Diary

Here at KSFL we promote journalling as a great way to track daily habits and and promote a positive mindset. The BULLET diary is all about journalling in a positive and creative way… find out more: Do a WINS list- it is so satisfying at the end of your day to write down your 3 wins of

KSFL Business Website Launch and Franchise Opportunity Gloucester

The new Kick Start business website has just gone LIVE do head over and have a look around! Especially if you are interested in more info on the Kick Start business side. https://business.kickstartfatloss.net/ I am LIVE every morning on Facebook with various workouts at 8am so if you are looking for quick motivation and inspiration

Flat Leaf Parsley Tips and Simple Recipes

Flat Leaf Parsley is a very versatile herb with many uses and it’s distinctive lemony taste, here is how to make the most of it: •Wrap cut stems in a damp kitchen towel or store in a glass of water to keep them fresh. •Take a sprig and place in the middle as a pretty

Operation De Stress STARTS TODAY

Are you Stressed? Stress may be affecting your weight loss and health and NOW is time to take action. STARTING with these tips to start reducing your stress today: Is it time to take hold of your stress and manage it? If you are stressed then cortisol is being pumped through the body at an

Results from our KSFL clubs this week

This week we have seen some fantastic results from our clubs and wanted to share the good news: “After working thru till i fell into bed at midnight feeling exhausted and fed up (no oven or hobtop for 2 1/2 weeks 🙁 ) I Remembered i hadnt weighed in last night. Ive gone over my

Eat your greens!

On KSFL we think it is so important to get your greens in, whether it be through juicing or piling your plate high at dinner, here are our favourite vegetarian recipes for those meat free days:  

How do you stay motivated?

Wellness stars question of the week is BACK where we ask our amazing Kick Start coaches a question about nutrition…. This week’s question is – Half way through your KSFL programme what do you do to motivate you and your team?   Michelle Waldron KSFL Redditch: On the last 4 weeks I have set them

How to make your meals more filling and gut healthy

Do you struggle to manage your cravings? Do you have an afternoon PANG of hunger and search for anything to nibble on? You need to eat a more filling lunch. Have you tried making a smoothie/soup for lunch – studies show eating food in liquid form can keep you fuller for longer (according to two studies