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Team Elevate have been working on letting themselves have a little wiggle room for long term maintenance and are getting on so well!


Read how some of them have got on last week:


Caroline Meadow

Hello All, mega stressful few days so no workouts since Thursday, but also lost appetite. Very unusual for me! So…down 6lbs and 6 inches since 7th January. Can see and feel a difference now, clothes are looser. Need to get back to eating properly and exercising though..

Alis FreestyleFitness

First time I’ve posted pics!😬 So far I’ve lost 18cms and 6lbs. I’ve stuck to the plan 100%.
For me it was all about getting back in control – stopping the snacking, cutting down/out the weekend alcohol and refocusing!
I was at a friends for dinner last night and it was always going to be a boozy evening. I felt totally in control, I did have a drink but I OWNED and today I’m ON IT!!!
I’m been running a 6 week HEALTH COACH COURSE of 20 ladies alongside doing this and it has helped immensely! I’ve been able to share much more information -thank you Rachel Holmes💜for your inspiration!
I feel BLOODY BRILLIANT – I’ve got even more energy, I feel even more positive, I’m sleeping better and the January/February blues seem to be passing me by!

Chrissie Gabbitas I’ve lost 3.5 inches off waist since starting in January… VERY happy with that 😊😊

Claire Hilton I find the daily coaching really helpful; particularly when I can engage in the discussion (I’m normally driving). Food prep done for this week, so plan to stay focused

Siobhan Austin Morning! I know I said I wouldn’t weigh, but there has been a cheeky half a pound off 😁 Been much better with the exercise even though I have been wiggly. And maintenance is progress!

Sophie Tallulah Tott Today: another 3” off and 1lb.

Mindset: I feel like I know the profile of my gremlins and strengths really well, and exactly what they are and what sets them off now. I can help myself by acknowledging the triggers and so break the habitual unsupportive behaviours.

Sleep: so much better, and I have made a decision to change my ‘opening hours’ on gigs to allow me to not suffer from such profound sleep deprivation. Something which has been an issue for years. Big win!!

Mood: been pretty positive! Without doubt the daily workouts have helped, and also having the coaching to help support this change in habits. All in all loadsa change for me and feeling really good. Looking forward to remaining on track this half term ❤️. Thank you Rachel and the Elevate crew! Xx 💕

Sarah Minty I am only seeing private clients this week so no classes so am going to really get stuck into lift lean I was really tired last week and just incorporated weights into my classes cheating but it worked! Haven’t weighed today as been a bit wiggly since a fab valentines night ! Will test and measure tomorrow
The lives really help me somehow Rachel

Elena McMenemy Happy with slow progression of another 2lbs off and inch and half off waist and inch off hips, legs and arms pretty much same
Sleeping heaps better and never felt so good post Xmas
As said b4 best investment and love the way can chop and change as samey becomes boring and cba ‘d to stick to but this has been an absolute life changer. Had so much happen mentally and emotionally last year this has been my absolute turning point and can’t w8 to help others with their journey and mindset, def the key – well done to all even if no change sticking to it and changing habits is all that matters ❤️


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