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Cath joined KSFL after breast cancer and now feels great

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Cath joined KSFL Stockport with Paula and now has more energy, lost weight and feels amazing!

Hear her story below:

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“I started on KSFL in October 2015, on the 16 week plan. In that time I have lost 2 stone and 1/4 lb, I have so much more energy, am sleeping far better and feel wonderful. I have now signed up for another 16 weeks as I want to lose more weight but also to keep me on the right track. The 16 week plan includes 2 exercise classes of your choice per week, I do Zumba and total body workout. It also includes a diet class, books and support from Paula.
I will admit it hasn’t been easy as I have issues with my health, and have had my Dad in hospital for 3 weeks while I was following the plan which meant I couldn’t stick to it and couldn’t attend any classes, but I didn’t give up and Paula supported me through it all.
I started on KSFL 8 months after I had had my third operation for breast cancer and 6 months after I finished radiotherapy, so my health was in a poor state but it also meant some days I was too tired to exercise and I was vulnerable to other illness so missed classes due to that too.
As I have seen the weight fall off and my skin looks visibly better I have gained more and more determination to continue, the clean eating is so easy to do and I feel so proud of myself at the supermarket checkout when I have a trolley full of healthy foods, it’s amazing how quickly you can shop as well when you cut out all the ready meal aisles.
Many people are commenting on my loss and how well I am looking so my confidence is growing too, I lost a lot of this when I was having surgery.
KSFL isn’t like other diet classes where you only get praised when you lose weight, if you have a bad week Paula boosts you up and encourages you, and certainly doesn’t make you feel like you have failed. She is there at the end of the phone or email should you need her which is great to know.
I would recommend that you try KSFL, I certainly don’t regret it.


Well done to Paula and Cath and thanks for sharing your very inspiring story.

Visit Paula’s KSFL Stockport website HERE

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