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Month: June 2016

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Our KSFL Franchisees’ Kitchen Equipment Essentials

This week’s WELLNESS STARS QUESTION OF THE WEEK “What is your kitchen equipment essential for KSFL Clean Eating?” Here is what our Franchisees said were their most important pieces of kitchen equipment for clean eating Kick Start style:   Heather Pring KSFL West Somerset Mine would have to be a good set of pans including 2

Kick Start Member of The Week Nominations 29/6/16

It is time to share more wonderful stories from our KSFL members all over the UK, Ireland and Gibraltar with our KICK START MEMBER OF THE WEEK COMPETITION! This week’s nominations are:   Kat KSFL Wiltshire I nominate Lesley We’ve got a new lady who is a fantastic example to use for those who can’t

Meet the new Nottingham Kick Start coaches

Kick Start is launching a new exciting project in the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire area! The project is all about training up a selection of the most elite coaches in the area to teach pop up 4 week transformation centres; educating their local communities on nutrition and exercise for health and weight loss. This is one of our

Sarah struggled with the pressures of her weight as a professional dancer and later battled further struggles with food but now she is back on track and knows exactly how to stay in control

Hi I’m Sarah and I am the KSFL Franchisee for the Lincoln area, I have had a strange relationship with food and weight my whole life with a history in professional dancing and a slow spiral of bad eating habits…I know about the pressures… “I’ve had a very strange relationship with food for all my

KSFL online programme gave Jo a new found nutritional knowledge that has changed her life

Jo has lived on diets, struggled with health problems and her weight since she can remember… until she tried Rachel Holmes’ new Body Reset programme which changed her life and health more than she ever expected. “I sincerely hope you don’t mind me sharing my story, but I’ve learnt that if there is something positive to say

KSFL Friday round up 24/6/16

Here at KSFL we are always busy with new projects so on a Friday we like to share what we have been up to and shout about our wonderful Franchisees! KSFL HQ We have been trying out new products, moving mountains with our new KSFL Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire projects and been filming for new projects

Kick Start Member Of The Week 24/6/16 LOUISE CARTER

Every week we ask our Kick Start Franchisees to nominate a special member that has been shining in their classes and open the vote to the public to find the winner! The winner then receives a prize and certificate in the post to thank them for all of their hard work! THIS WEEK’S WINNERS ARE:

Buzzing Beauty Buys from The Happy Bee Company

This week I received a beautiful collection of beauty products from Sally at The Happy Bee Company; a small business in Norfolk producing natural products from their well looked after bees! I love this sort of little local business producing really good quality and natural products so I was so excited to try these out…

What is your favourite exercise?

WELLNESS STARS QUESTION OF THE WEEK Do you enjoy exercise or find it a chore?… if you find yourself struggling to motivate yourself you may not have discovered the exercise that is right for YOU! Everyone is different… maybe you like a gentle walk, a tough Cross Fit session, group exercise, cycling, swimming, the gym, running

Are you working out but not getting the results you want?

What you eat is the crucial KEY to fat loss and exercise is just a small part of it… I see myself and the Kick Start Franchisees more as Lifestyle Manager’s. Anyone can give you a diet sheet and a set of exercises to follow and yes, you may follow it EXACTLY and not deviate,