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KSFL online programme gave Jo a new found nutritional knowledge that has changed her life

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Jo has lived on diets, struggled with health problems and her weight since she can remember… until she tried Rachel Holmes’ new Body Reset programme which changed her life and health more than she ever expected.

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“I sincerely hope you don’t mind me sharing my story, but I’ve learnt that if there is something positive to say to someone then take that leap and say it !
I’ve had an absolutely AMAZING experience doing this Body Reset Programme

I felt that I needed to share my story with you .

Just a very brief snapshot of my background and hence association with food;
I have an older sister who is tall athletic and beautiful and always has been (Love her to bits )
As a child I on the other hand was short ‘fat’ and ‘dumpy’ , ‘ bigger’ than my friends, very unconfident, ‘the flower on the wall ‘at discos etc. And there lies the Root …..

I can honestly say that during the early part of my working years I started ‘dieting’ and never stopped !!! I am now in my 50’s & so, yes listening to your live chats, I definitely fall into the percentile of woman who have lived on diet for pretty much the most part of my adult years.

I met my husband in my mid-twenties : He is quite a fitness Fiend & when I joined him in the gym, I shed loads of weight, gained confidence & became a Fitness Fanatic myself.

So problem solved?? Not quite ….

In my mid 30’s we tried for a baby & were unsuccessful? Are you surprised? (Here is a woman in her mid-30’s who from teenage years has pretty much lived on fad dieting … I make the point only to highlight your talk about how so Essential HEALTHY Nutrition & Lifestyle is for women of all ages .)

I was first introduced to KSFL at Kelly & Jay’s launch in Burwell a few years ago. In addition to my full time occupation in the Construction industry, I also used to teach Zumba and Booiaka dance 3 times a week part time
So I worked full time, taught dance classes three evenings per week, and attended fitness classes & strength training sessions in the gym ….

And nutrition?? Restricted to an average of no more than 1000 cals per day.

KSFL was Music to my ears!! I remember being informed about the various phases : Detox, Elimination, Maintenance .

I tired the Detox phase, shed loads of weight & was thrilled to bits.

My big mistake here though was that instead of moving on, I remained in this detox phase, because it suited me (or so I thought) !
I eliminated all fats from my diet .(Fats for me have always been BAD ) .

I can vividly recall on one of my teenage birthdays, my sister (in her efforts to help me) buying me a book call ‘Eat Fat and Lose Weight ‘ (Gosh those many years ago ) !!!

At the time I remember being so offended and upset, and instead of seeing it as a positive and reading and learning from it, I saw it as another attack on my already ‘FAT self
So … my association with Fats.

My Diet thus consisted of protein & salads… DETRIMENTAL . I think my body finally started reacting: I started developing food allergies, developed an irritable bowel ,my monthly cycles ceased for 3 months ( I thought it was menopause) and I started developing fluid retention .

A visit to my local GP confirmed that I wasn’t pre menopausal or even menopausal.

Quite simply it was my body’s way of saying HELP !! The ironic thing is I thought I looked my best ever ! I couldn’t be more wrong ! I looked malnourished & drained!

Entering my first Fitness Competition last year , forced me to re-educate rebuild & refeed my body . But I think the internal damage was done & although an improved nutrition, my Preps were difficult , because I still suffered with bloating and an irritable bowel :

at first I thought it was only high fibre foods, like leafy vegetables, but then as my macros changed to suit the varying stages of competition prep, it was anything that offset the balance – too much protein, too much carbs, too much fibre .

In the end I literally gave up guessing what caused the irritable bowel reactions & I just became so distressed and depressed with the whole thing !

Along with all the healthy tips and advice, Rachel that you’ve shared through your mailings in KSFL , and my own research of irritable bowel , few visits to nutritionists for advice etc., I can honestly say I’ve battled for the last 2 years … until now.

I have to add here that the two Fitness competition preps have been so, so difficult in terms of nutrition , along with Comp prep, stress is inevitable!. so on top of everything I was constantly stressed, therefore constantly bloated in my lower abdomen & as a result Sleep Deprived ! What a Vicious Circle !!
To top that off I sustained injuries to my lower back & both knees, so all in all .. A TOTAL MESS.


Rachel believe me when I say KSFL & this Body Reset Program has been REVOLUTIONARY !!!!
I cannot Thank you enough !!

The combination of GOOD High Fat Content, the RIGHT Foods that eliminate inflammation, the GOOD carbs, …. I think it’s what my body has been SCREAMING for !!!

I am so excited now to continue on this path! . It may only be a 3 week reset program , but – OH MY GOSH – you’ve turned my nutritional world around for me !

I’ve not had any bowel problems since starting this regime, and on top of that, I’m sleeping well, I feel Re-energised, Alive & Well !!!

Thank you Rachel & KSFL !!

I look so forward to continuing this Healthy Happy Lifestyle journey with you.”

Thank you to Jo for sharing your story with us!


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