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Being “bloated” is the feeling of having built-up gas in your digestive system that makes your stomach protrude out uncomfortably. Some people suffer with this terribly and thankfully in many cases it isn’t anything to be alarmed about, it usually clears up with simple changes to diet and routine.


There are so many reasons you might develop a bloated stomach — allergies, hormonal imbalances, thyroid dysfunction, gut troubles and more. I would suggest it is always good to contact your GP in case it is something more serious but in most cases diet is the key to solving your bloating problems.

Bloating itself is usually a problem with digestion but other factors such and stress and anxiety can also contribute. The KSFL way of eating has been proven to improve and control many digestive issues such as IBS through cutting out the foods known to cause inflammation and introducing healthy and fresh home cooked foods.

Here are our KSFL top tips if you are struggling with bloating:

  1. Try herbal teas such as green tea which are known to soothe the stomach.
  2. Add herbs and spices into your diet such as ginger, rosemary and oregano.
  3. Add water rich vegetables to each meal such as cucumber, leafy greens and celery.
  4. AVOID sugary and processed foods these aggravate and promote inflammation in the body.
  5. Swap your dairy for almond milk/ coconut milk.
  6. Cut out the gluten! Going gluten free is much easier these days with products available in all supermarkets.
  7. Try a short meditation every few days to relieve stress and anxiety.
  8. Get to bed nice and early and create a bed time routine to help you sleep better.
  9. Do a 10 minute HIIT every morning to kick start your day but never exercise 2 hours before bed as this will disrupt your sleep.
  10. Jump onto our FREE 14 day online programme TODAY ONLY to see if the KSFL diet can relieve your bloating.

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