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Back to Basics Dealing With Stress

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Ready To Go Back To Basics?


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This week I am focusing on getting the basics to
health and happiness on track.

You can follow a million different diet plans
and weightloss & workout programmes.
But getting the basics right is crucial
for long term success and sustainability.
Mindset is a HUMONGOUS piece of the
health and wellness puzzle.

I wrote about a simple exercise you can try to get your mindset
on point and focused CLICK HERE to read it.
Today’s quick tips is about STRESS.
We all deal with stress if different ways.
What is stressful for you might not be for me and vice versa.
Chronic daily stress that accumulates day after day, week after week,
month after month, year after year………decade after decade
really is a killer.
Stress manifests itself in the body in all kinds of ways.
It blocks energy, it creates illness & disease and it creeps up on you….
health niggles appear, weight won’t shift, exercise stops working,
low energy, low mood, depression and anxiety can take hold,
hormones get out of whack……..
Before you even start reducing food,tackling your nutrition
or embarking on an intense exercise programme, take stock of your stress.
What is bothering you?
What is stressing you out?
Reduce You Daily Stress.
Stress Free Morning.

1: Establish a morning routine that doesn’t involve looking at your emails
Facebook/ social media of phone for the first hour of the day.

2: Do some exercise first thing.

Walk the dog, Do a 10 minute HIIT,
10 minute Fitness Pilates, or 10 minutes of Meditation.
his will make you feel amazing and positive from the get go.

3: Are you hydrated?

70% of us are walking around totally dehydrated this effects
how you think and feel so make an effort to sip your water through the day.
4: Download your thoughts and brain dump daily.

Think on paper.
Get a journal, put pen to paper and write out your to do lists,
your ideas, your dreams and goals.

5: Deal with niggly issues.

What are those “things” that need resolving?
What is bothering you?
Have those conversations that you NEED to have.
Face those issues that
have been going round in your head, carrying them around causes such
Do your life laundry and release the toxicity 🙂

Little steps that will have a MASSIVE Impact on your health and happiness.


Right now.
Have a wonderful stress free Monday 🙂

Love Rachel xxxx
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