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Are you female 35 or over and feel like you have lost control of your nutrition,
fitness and health?

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Are so busy juggling your family, jobs, routines, social life and a million other commitments?

Lost your mojo and shine and need a lifestyle revamp & makeover?

Do you need to find your energy and sense of wellbeing again?

All over the internet there are fantastic groups, courses and information for younger girls but very little for 35 + women that incorporates the full spectrum of health, nutrition, mindset, positivity, business building, hormonal health, Gut health, Brain function and Personal development.

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a long time.

I’m 46 and follow some amazing inspirational women online but the majority are way younger which is wonderful and motivational
but I felt there is a need for a community of women of my own age who WANT MORE.

To be honest, in the past I’ve shied away from talking about my own age and how I feel about it but its time to embrace it and find other women who are keen to get the very best out of life with the latest information available.

As part of my KSFL business I am constantly researching the very latest
information on food, fitness and wellbeing and how to apply it to every day life.

In the UK we have the Body Coach and other fitness and health celebrities to follow who are brilliant and have a wonderful message but are so much younger and their information is aimed at the 20 something crowd.

There is some cracking research and information out there that when applied can revolutionise how you live, think and feel.

I am currently in San Diego on a Mind Share Summit which has the worlds top
wellness personalities all lecturing on the very latest info that I am excited to put together for you.

You see, anyone can give you a diet sheet and workout protocol to follow.

But if you don’t address the fundamentals of sleep, stress, motivation, mindset, goal setting, time management and hormones
you may never get the results you really want.

Plus you get caught up in the endless hamster wheel of trying to lose weight and feel better but never quite getting there .

It’s like climbing Everest in Stilettos – You are just not going to get results and it will be one miserable and unhappy cycle of not getting where you want.

I want to hear from you so add your email to the Kick Start Elite 35 lists and download my Goalsetting ebook.

Are you ready to TAKE BACK CONTROL?

See this link for more information

Add your email and download my FREE Goal Setting Ebook and if you have time tell me your story I’d love to hear from you.

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