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Try My New Rotational Nutrition Plan

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For January I have ramped up the Elite 35 + programme with a new nutritional protocol.

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On top of working on the BIG ROCKS every day I have written a simple rotational food plan that we are using as a guide this week.

The BIG barrier for anyone struggling with diet and exercise
is usually stress.

Stressful life situations that pop up through the month and of course the low level stress…. that chip, chip chip daily, tap dripping type of stress,
that over time erodes confidence, energy and happiness.

Sleep is so key.

High levels of stress and then making poor nutritional choices usually follow after a bad or poor nights sleep.

The brain is so affected by a chronic lack of sleep.

Hormone levels drop massively, cravings and poor
judgment are just 2 things that are affected by
lack of sleep over time.

If you want to join my Kick Start 35 Group for one month
as a trial and see how i can help you then click here
and start right away.

The group is for Women over 35. I have created a more specialised programme to take into account
hormonal health, gut health, mental wellbeing, pelvic health,
as well as nutrition and fitness.

I’ll be in the group today coaching at 730am this morning
talking about Mindfulness.

You get access to the membership area and the daily
Facebook Secret Coaching Page to keep you motivated
and on top of all the new ideas.

You may have joined me over the years on various plans
I have written and I feel we have reached a point now
in working more on brain function and mindset to try and reduce
this “ping ponging” back and forth – eating “good” then eating

It really is about understanding the spectrum and how in reality it’s not about being “on” or “off” a plan.

I’d love you to join us and realise your full potential.

If it is time for you to take control of your health
then join me today click here

Have a wonderful day.

Love Rachel xxx

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