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Today we have a fantastic interview from SANDRA who recently completed our Kick Start Elevate online with Rachel Holmes; and after learning that her Cholesterol was too high before the programme; she is now in safe levels:

1. Write a little bit about you:

I am a forty something mum of two. I have an office job as so spend most of my day sitting down. I have trained as an aerobic instructor many years ago.

2. How long did you do the Elevate with Rachel Holmes programme?

I did the midsection meltdown and a couple of 1 week groups first. Then I signed up to the full 3 months of elevate.

3. What made you decided to join the programme?

After having my NHS over forties health check revealed that I had high cholesterol and I had gained weight over the last few years.

4. What were your goals when you started?

To lose weight, lower cholesterol and feel mentally more healthy.

5. How did you find the journey?

I found some of the excercises challenging at first and the early starts were hard.  I quickly adjusted and enjoyed the workouts.

6. How did you find the coaching?

Rachel has been amazing.  He committment and support was essential to the results I achieved.

7. Did you feel supported throughout?

Absolutely, Rachel and the rest of the group members showed nothing but support.  Sharing recipes and advice and a few laughs along the way.

8. What was your favourite part?

I really enjoyed the fitness pilates, lift lean and equipment free workouts.

9. Which nutritional protocol worked best for you and why?

I find that intermittent fasts during the week and meals with high protein makes me feel full and saves calories for the weekend.

10. What were your last results?

I have lost just over a stone over 4 months in total.  My cholesterol is now in the safe levels.  I have dropped a dress size too.

11. Will you continue with the nutrition?

Yes I am currently trying to just maintain my current weight using the techniques I have learnt.

12. What changes did you see to your fitness?

I feel I have more energy, gained strength and toned.

13. What changes did you see to your wellness/ mental health?

My confidence has grown and stats levels reduced.  This is a massive achievement for me as my anxiety was getting out of control.

14. What changes did you see to your physical appearance?

I have lost cms from my midsection and legs.  I look more toned.

15. Anything else to add?

Just a thank you to you and Rachel for all you have done.  It has been life changing.

Thanks so much for sharing your inspiring story !

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