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Gary Atkin’s story is fantastic, he has thoroughly embraced the KSFL lifestyle and through doing so has seen incredible changes to his health and wellbeing. 

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The physical changes are obvious, he has lost a lot of weight, toned up and looks healthy, but his new lifestyle has also made some fantastic changes below the surface! He has thoroughly embraced the lifestyle becoming a KSFL Franchisee with his wife Louise!

Read Gary’s interview below:

1.What was your diet like before?

My diet was very sugar and carb based. I ate things not realising it was unhealthy.

2.What is your lifestyle like?

I own my own business based in Nottingham as a KSFL Franchisee with my wife Louise and I am very active and busy.

3.How did you feel before?

I always felt tired and hungry. I was getting fatter and out of control in my diet. Within a week of starting KSFL, though, everything changed.

4.Have you been to other slimming clubs training?

No I have never tried any slimming clubs. I did start training a year before starting KSFL but it was slow progress and I didn’t understand how to get the right nutrition.

5.What was the last push to join KSFL?

Around 3 years ago my wife wanted to join KSFL so I went along to a meeting with her and I really wanted to give it a go.

6.What results have you seen?

I have so much more energy, I lost roughly 2 stone and really toned up. My fat percentage went right down and I feel lighter and healthier. I have been taken off the insulin for diabetes and cut down to 1 tablet a day as well as seeing a massive improvement in my heart health.

7.What was the hardest part of starting this new lifestyle?

The hardest part was not reverting back to old ways and undoing all the work I had put in. You have to keep it up or you won’t achieve what you want. Be prepared to stick to the plan no matter what.

8.What was the easiest part of the change?

Realising I could still eat a lot of things that I like!

9.How did you incorporate it into family life?

Doing it with my wife has helped a lot as we support each other.

10.How did you find it fitted in with your social life?

Easily. I made it fit into my lifestyle. I prep food and use an actable fryer as you can throw some veg in there and just leave it to cook.

11.How are you finding sticking to the plan and is it now part of your lifestyle?

I am still sticking to it really well 3 years on. It never leaves you once you start and you know when you are eating something bad as you feel awful! It is like school, it seems hard in the beginning but once you have learnt it it is easy!

12.Anything else to add?

I really want to thank my wife for getting me into KSFL in the beginning. I had heart trouble, diabetes and felt terrible and now I have started modelling with 2 agencies and have had a portfolio made which I feel really proud of. I feel good and I look good!


A big THANK YOU to Gary for sharing his story. It is inspirational to see a couple change their lifestyle together for the better, it just goes to show…


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Meet Gary and hear his story in Nottingham on the 29th October at our Pop Up studio and Christmas recipe book launch!

To RSVP email Rachel@choreographytogo.com

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