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Ready To Go Back To Basics ?

You can follow a million different diet plans
and weightloss programmes.

But getting the basics right is crucial
for long term success and sustainability.

Everything starts with mindset.

I’m at a Wellness Summit In San Diego
and listening to the worlds best healthcare
Pioneers & Practitioners  and what comes
up time and time
again is……….. mindset.


What you think about your bring about.

Negative thoughts start a hormonal
cascade through the entire body.

It’s impossible to get optimum health results
if you are constantly thinking negative thoughts,
especially if they are negative thoughts about

GREAT IDEA HERE – Celebrate Your Wins 🙂
Write in a journal or post in your FB group
your 3 WINS OF THE DAY – what are your top 3 wins of the day?

They can be so small – drinking more water, walking the dog,
eating veg with every meal…..

Writing them down and feeling good about the
is important for the brain.

Then write down and project the 3 Big Wins you hope
to achieve tomorrow.

You may not get them all in, but it sets up the

Brain to focus on the positive and it

counteracts the negative feelings,

that no matter how much you achieve

during the day we continue to

focus on the negative things……

and this…

is so damaging to our energy and ultimately our health.

So what are your 3 BIG wins of Sunday 14th August ?

If you are working with one of the amazing Kick Start

franchisees then post in your groups your 3 Big  Wins.

Have a lovely evening 🙂

Love Rachel xxx


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