Are you ready to get some food discipline back today?

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It’s MONDAY so let’s get some food
discipline back into your life.

“Get Back On It Today”
 “Discipline” maybe makes it sound BORING but it’s all about making maintainable changes and routines you can stick to that will help you make healthier decisions throughout the day.
After just one day you will start to feel so much fresher and energised! PLUS your food doesnt have to be boring at all- get creative and make meals colourful and simple.
Quick Motivational Kick Start
Tips from Rachel :

1: Aim to get up 15 minutes earlier & do a quick  10 min HIIT Workout. (If you didn’t manage this today then start tomorrow)

Then whatever the day throws at you, it’s all cool. You have done a great workout.
Here is a link to my Youtube channel for tonnes of home workouts: www.youtube.com/rachelholmes

2: Take a cold shower to aid fat loss.
Studies show  cold exposure is great for burning brown fat.

Stand under the shower with your back  to the head and blast the cold for 2 minutes  at the back of your neck.

3: Drink 2 litres of clean  bottled water.

Keep sipping through the day- take plenty of water out with you.

4: Start your day (Break Your Fast)  with eggs or a high protein  lunch style breakfast.

This will regulate your blood sugar  levels, keep you going until lunch & help  you calm your sugar cravings.

5: Eat 3 meals today. No snacking.

Go for a high protein meats/fish  lots of good carbs such a green vegetables  & eat your brown rice/sweet potato on meals 1 & 2.

6: Have a coffee free day.
Go for  fruit teas or just cleanse your system with water.

7: Type a positive affirmation into your phone  & keep the mantra in your mind all day.

“Today I choose healthy food”

It takes a little effort to “Get Back On It”  especially  if you have had a busy, social
weekend but getting back on track & getting that discipline back into your daily routine makes you feel great.

I REALLY love to hear from you so
please say “HI”on social media!
Have a wonderful, wicked & productive Monday
Love Rachel xx
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