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The Elevate team are now learning the best way to maintain their healthy eating!

The results are still coming and everyone is going at their own pace, learning what works and what doesnt and making goals for the week ahead. They are all doing so well, take a look at a few of their results form last week:


“Total weight loss so far across this Elevate is
week1 -4
Week 2 nil loss
Week 3 +3.5-
Week 4 -4

Pleased to get my head back in the game! Tracking has helped x
Inches all over 5.5
Feeling better in myself and know that making good choices is better for me overall, i sleep so soundly and know that getting a good nights sleep is vital if i want a good day!!
I know my triggers, i also know that working through my stress… fast walk or run or weights…. helps me to look beyond the ‘issue’ and find a way forwards without me over indulging in choc or pizza
I enjoy both so look for alternatives if the craving gets too much!! xx”

“Results day and I’m jumping for joy. My fitness PAL is my best friend forever 😂
It’s my TOTM yet minus 2cms and a whopping -2.8 kgs. Yes I’m clinging to that .8 hahahah.”

“This weeks results are 1 pound off and 5 inches so total for the 3 weeks are only a pound but 7 inches so far. Really need to address my sleep and water as by end of the week i feel too tired to get up to exercise.”


“Mini band FP pilates workout done this morning as I’m just about to go out for a run. a “not very” sweaty selfie
Disappointed in myself this week – have struggled to focus this week and I know that the nutrition hasn’t been very good (self sabotage and not sure why). Regained 1kg but overall, 2kg lost since the start, so positive overall.
Lots of batch cooking yesterday, so hopefully that will help stay on track this week.
Goals for the week: journal, water and IF”


“Good morning! Results!!! Another 2lb loss and 3” overall off.
I admit, I’ve been feeling a bit disheartened that I’ve made such huge changes and I’m not seeing dramatic results, but progress is being made and my period is due tomorrow and I usually bloat and weigh heavier at this time so this is pretty good, and the mindset change is embedding.
Onwards we go!! Xx”

“Not posted much this week…Been chipping away tho!! Been so much more mindful regarding self limiting beliefs…. Been a real eye-opener and this week’s rollercoaster of emotions have affected my behaviour around food!! It’s not been a perfect week but progress is being made in terms of my mindset.
So thanks for the motivation in the lives Rachel and all you fabulous elevators!!
Happy Friday Everyone!! X”


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