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Inspiring Stories From KSFL Lincoln

I don’t know if you have all seen or heard about The Kick Start fat loss programmes I run? My names Sarah hogan and I run The Fitness movement in Lincoln. My ladies have been getting the most incredible results not only through the change in their bodies but their health and happiness too. I’d

Kick Start With Tabby 5 week Updates

Kick Start with Tabby has been running 5 week courses which have had fantastic success, read some of her most recent results below: “So we have just finished a 5 week transformation course which ran through May and had some great results. One lady lost over a stone in 4 weeks and is continuing to

Week 1 with KSFL Beeston Blog

Meet Sally of KSFL Beeston who has recently launched her new KSFL class. Read her blog below of week 1!   WEEK 1: Kick Start Fat Loss BEESTON, Thursday 7.00-8.30pm, Round Hill School We started our KSFL Beeston 4 Week Transformation last night on a lovely summers evening. My team of KSFLers and I have focused

KSFL 5 Simple Nutrition Tips

Nutrition is simple as long as you receive the right information! These 5 simple tips will help you make nutritious healthy options today: Fill up on vegetables. Vegetables are a low calorie/high volume food contain so many vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Aim to vary your greens. Take it easy on the fruit,

Weleda Natural Skin Care Review

Here at KSFL we love Weleda natural skin care and promote natural products as part of a healthy lifestyle; plus they are very local to our HQ in Derbyshire! For our recent event Weleda sent us some beautiful products we just HAD to tell you about:   SKIN FOOD (our favourite) Weleda Skin Food is all-

What happens if you slip up on your healthy eating plan

Are you on one of our Kick Start programmes? It can be so tough to stay on track when family events/ friday night comes around! DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP… Everyone has relapses and it’s all part of the process. The best thing is to pick yourself back up and move on, rather than stressing about

Do you know what 1 of your 5 a day looks like?

Recently we have been told it is even 10 a day!!! Well here at KSFL we suggest a balanced and healthy diet full of vegetables and fruit but without the stress of counting up (TOP TIP: if you find taking greens hard then try a green juice!) But DID YOU KNOW what 1 of your 5 a

Sit Down and be MINDFUL of what is on your plate

Do you eat on-the-go a lot or on your lap? My tip today… EAT AT THE TABLE and be mindful of what you are eating… this will make you appreciate and enjoy your food more. We often end up over piling our plates as we are unaware of what we are eating where as food

10 tips to de-stress at home

Are you feeling stressed with work/ life?! Read our tried and tested tips to get stress relief: Exercise. Whether it be running, yoga, pilates or anything else you enjoy DO IT! Exercise is a way to manage stress that doesn’t have to be expensive either. One 20 minute stint of exercise can provide up to 12 hours of improved

LAUNCHING a brand new tailored women’s health programme

To add your email to the LAUNCH LIST CLICK HERE   click here Launching on Sunday The Brand New 90 Day Womens Health & Weight loss Programme.     20 Places Available Only On This Bespoke and Tailored Service click here to read     I’ve been working hard researching and creating a new bespoke online programme called The