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Launching on Sunday The Brand New 90 Day Womens Health & Weight loss Programme

To add your email to the LAUNCH LIST CLICK HERE   Launching on Sunday The Brand New 90 Day Womens Health & Weight loss Programme. 20 Places Available Only On This Bespoke and Tailored Service. I’ve been working hard researching and creating a new bespoke online programme called The Kick Start 90 Day Women’s Health

Are your workouts sabotaging your metabolism?

Metabolism converts everything you eat and drink into energy and the kind of workouts you do could have a real effect on the results you are getting with KSFL. Here is how to make your workouts amazing: 1. HIIT training Keep it short, varied and high intensity intervals to get the maximum out of your workout- PLUS

Friday Feeling Motivation from Rachel Holmes

Getting your nutrition on point, exercising every day, getting enough sleep and remembering to take your supplements can be such a huge challenge when you are stressed, facing challenging situations and so time poor you can barely remember what day it is. If you feel like you are not getting everything right at this moment

Vitamins and Minerals Explained

At KSFL we promote a healthy lifestyle through good food cooked from scratch. We believe you can get all the vitamins and minerals you need from eating the right foods. Here are some of the important vitamins, minerals and more that you need in your diet explained: VITAMIN A Needed for immune system, skin and eyes.

Oily Fish The Low Down

Oily fish are a fantastic source of omega- 3 fatty acids and have many more health benefits. Here are the oily fish you should be including in your diet and why: Salmon- Salmon is  a source of Vitamin B12  and is very versatile. Herring- A great source of vitamin D this fish is available throughout

Tabby’s Marathon Training With KSFL Nutrition

KSFL Long Eaton’s Tabitha Browring  combined her Marathon Training with KSFL nutrition and felt fantastic, hear her story below: “So this year I was entered to run the London Marathon again after getting a qualifying time last year. On physio’s orders, this was to be my last marathon and so I wanted to go out on