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Top Tips to Gentle Exercise at Home

Do you struggle to make time for the gym? Do you want a relaxing workout to reduce stress? Try Pilates! Here are my top tips to introducing Pilates at home: Make sure you are in a relaxed and calm space with NO clutter! Wear something comfortable. Take off your socks- bare feet helps you grip

Do you “Feel Fat” ?

“I’m FEELING so FAT!” Are YOU saying that crappy line to yourself right now? How many times a day do YOU say this to yourself? Has it become your constant mantra & affirmation because it is SO ingrained into your brain? The more you say it to yourself mentally, the more you feel those words,

Go Get It Monday Is Here

Are you ready to grab Monday by the scruff of the neck & go big? Yes? Very Good. Here’s a little motivation to gently push you in the upwards direction. Take stock of the choices you’ve made in the last few days to a week. Did you eat healthy food, or have you been eating

Step Up To Your Potential Today

I keep coming back to that word Potential You can choose to sneak under the radar. Be the people pleaser saying YES to things, situations, circumstances & what other people want you to do. Without giving it much thought, but knowing its not serving you, your core desires or what is really right for you.

Be Bold, Be Brave, Motivational Blog

I love little daily prompts to remind you to live life well. Committing to mental self improvement every day is my absolute passion. I LOVE IT & how it changes your life, your perceptions & how you feel. A daily affirmation, experiencing feelings of gratitude &  meditation brings you back to the moment, enjoying the

Ideas to change your mood

Have you written a gratitude list…ever or at all? Or not for a long time? Well, as its the weekend I DO like to gently remind AND encourage you just a tad, to kick back & slow it all right down…. It’s most certainly cool to be… Fast Paced Go Getter Driven Committed Cracking On

You are unique don’t forget that

It’s so tempting to do everything as expected. To keep playing the game, going through the motions, & playing small but where does that get you… In the end? It’s not fulfilling, and when you look back its such a waste of your talents, ambitions, energy & inspiration. Letting what others think of you govern

Have you been a people pleaser this Easter?

I hope you have had the most blissed-out Easter bank holiday. EVER. Spending it with all of your lovely friends & family, enjoying Easter roasts & chocolate eggs.   This weekend did YOU get to do what YOU really wanted to do? Or did the old People Pleaser come back into play? It’s so easy

Flex your positivity muscles

Everyday gives us the opportunity to grow. Everything that happens during the space of 24 hours gives us an opportunity to flex our positivity muscles. Even the most challenging circumstances gives us the chance to become a more evolved human being. If you get stuck then listen to your inner guide. This 100% takes times

Do you still want to lose weight?

Just wondering do you still want to lose weight? Are you still not quite “feeling it” with your fat loss? Did you get to where you really want to be? Did you set goals in January that have fizzled away? This happens so easily! Day to day life has a way of getting in the