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Christabelle has lost 14kg with KSFL so far and shares her top tips to taking control

Christabelle has worked so hard at KSFL Gibraltar in hitting her targets and feels amazing. Hear Christabelle’s story below: So why did I start doing KSFL in Feb 2016.My 50th birthday was coming up in August and I was generally unhappy with my weight. I was trying to juggle work, studying, social life, housework etc

As an emotional eater, Louise has found she is now less stressed and is now more in control with KSFL

Louise has dropped two dress sizes with KSFL Lincoln. KSFL isn’t just for weight loss for Louise though it’s a much bigger picture and Louise her two daughters and two friends all come together as a big supportive family unit and it’s life changing for them. “After tragic events which turned our lives upside down,

Anna, of KSFL West Somerset, shares her 4 week results with KSFL

New Mum Anna Sanders 4 week KSFL progress update, results and review! So here are my week 1, 2 and 4 photos. I have lost 12 inches all over and over a stone. I’m so pleased with the results. I had a baby 8 months ago. KSFL has left me full of energy and positivity. I

Kick Start Member Of The Week Nominations 5/10/16

  Every week we ask our Kick Start Franchisees to nominate a special member that has been shining in their classes and open the vote to the public to find the winner! The winner then receives a prize and certificate in the post to thank them for all of their hard work!   Here are

An interview with Jayne who lost 23 lbs in 5 weeks with KSFL

Jayne from KSFL Huddersfield looks so vibrant and bright after her 5 week transformation; so we thought we would delve a little deeper into how she found KSFL behind the scenes! 1.How was your lifestyle/ diet before KSFL? My lifestyle and diet before KSFL, was far from ideal. I did attend three Zumba classes per week

Jayne lost 23 pounds in five weeks on the KSFL elimination programme

Jayne lost 23 pounds in five weeks on the KSFL elimination programme with Kick Start Huddersfield and looks FANTASTIC! The Kick Start Elimination plan guides you through on a more gentle route… you will still get the results you want but this plan helps you get to grips with each change before moving to the next

Jenny’s story KSFL Cambridge

“Let me introduce myself my name is Jenny, I’m 43 years old and a busy mum! I’ve spent the last 10 years spreading around my middle I’ve always worked out a lot and couldn’t understand why I couldn’t shift that weight! I was also in denial about my diet! I cook good health family meals

Alex Elbro KSFL Cambridge recovers from injury and gets back in shape

Alex has had some fantastic results with Kick Start Cambridge! After suffering an injury, Kelly got Alex back in shape and feeling great. Read Alex’s story below: “I’m Alex Elbro and I’ve been doing KSFL in Cambridge with Kelly Reed-Banks on her Platinum package since April. In this time I’ve lost 12kg and 33 inches. More importantly

Transformation stories from KSFL Coleshill including a recovering chocaholic

After just 3 weeks on the KSFL Detox, Kim’s group have been seeing some fantastic results physically and mentally! Nicole is into her 3rd week of detox, has lost 8 inches and feels confident again. Nicole Sheehan: 28 Day VIP Detox Programme- KSFL Coleshill with Kim I have been at slimming world for 2 years and lost

What happens on a KSFL Detox? Danielle shares her experience

Meet Danielle from KSFL Dundalk with Kelly Mulholland who wants to share with you her experience of the KSFL Detox. “Hello, My name is Danielle and I have just completed my first detox on KSFL. The initial first days weren’t too bad, I had periods of feeling very cold espeically in the evening, but I