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Cambridge 14 day body reset results

Kelly and Jay of KSFL Cambridge continuously see fantastic results in their groups, and this month has been especially impressive. Their 14 day body reset programme has been a great success just look at the results below: Babs hit her 2 stone mark and since January she has lost over 50 inches as well! Look at

KSFL Ripley coach amazing 4 week transformation

Our new Ripley KSFL Coach, Kirsty, shares her amazing results from her 4 week transformation with Rachel Holmes! How did you find out about KSFL? I have known Rachel  years and always followed what she is up to, I also trained with her in Fitness Pilates and I live round the corner:-) I like many

KSFL online programme gave Jo a new found nutritional knowledge that has changed her life

Jo has lived on diets, struggled with health problems and her weight since she can remember… until she tried Rachel Holmes’ new Body Reset programme which changed her life and health more than she ever expected. “I sincerely hope you don’t mind me sharing my story, but I’ve learnt that if there is something positive to say

Terri was surprised how easy it was to change her lifestyle and health for the better through KSFL nutrition losing 13 lbs in 28 days

Terri Johnson joined KSFL Stockport with a lack of confidence and poor health and now just 28 days on is seeing brilliant results… “…in such a short space of time I no longer feel overweight, tired and miserable.” Terri feels so amazing that her plan now is to continue on and make KSFL her LIFESTYLE. Read

Jen loses 2 stone and transforms her and her husbands eating habits for good

Today we have a story from Jen who lost 2 Stone on the Kick Start Slim Programme Milton Keynes with Jennifer Davidson. “My journey with KSS has been remarkable, it has changed mine and my husbands eating habits and the bonus is we have both lost weight! My husbands diabetes also seems to be improving. I

Loren became body confident with a new positive outlook on life with KSFL

Loren wasn’t happy with her body and after getting engaged decided she needed to change her lifestyle. I heard about KSFL at the beginning of January, through my clubbercise instructor Paris, he was training to become a representative and mentor for KSFL. I had been doing clubbercise for around 8 months at this time and

Proud mum and daughter to a KSFL Franchisee loses 4 stone

This is a brilliant story from Lauren who lost 4 stone after having her little boy, and is now maintaining her new healthy lifestyle. Read Lauren’s story below: Hi everyone, I’m Lauren, Fran’s daughter and proud mum to my little Frank, who is just over 18 months old. I have been lucky enough to be able

Lauren’s KSFL journey to improve health

Lauren started KSFL for the health side with Michelle Jermy, KSFL Thetford, and wanted to share her story so far: Lauren Day, 24 I’ve never been one of those girls who is happy with their body. I spent years with my weight fluctuating and saying that, my height too. I’ve always had something to be self

KSFL Sutton Coldfield transformation stories

40 ladies joined Kelly Ravencroft for her 7 day online programme and here are just a few of the amazing results and messages she received: Jan said “I’ve lost 7lbs and 3.5 inches around waist/tummy area. So pleased with the weight loss” Dawn said “I lost 4lbs in weight and 2 inches off my waist, this was despite

Barbara dropped 40 inches and changed her life with KSFL dance

This week we interviewed Barbara from KSFL Cambridge after a fantastic weight loss with Kelly and Jay. This is such a great story that shows how changing your diet can make so many changes to your life. Read Barbara’s interview below: Have you done any diet clubs before KSFL and what made you want to start