Our KSFL tips to get back in gear when you are feeling tired and low in energy

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Today’s wellness stars question of the week:

When you are feeling tired and low in energy what are your KSFL tips to get back in gear?


Here is what our KSFL Franchisees said:


Andrea Riddoch KSFL Leeds

A big green juice or a raw food meal. When the food has not been heated above 48 degrees it retains the enzymes and more nutrients filling you with loads more energy!! I love raw courgette noodles, pesto and cashew cheese and surprisingly so does the hubby!


Heather Pring KSFL West Somerset

A good protein and fats meal, to pick me up !

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Sonia Roberts NEW Franchisee!

Taking quality time out with my family followed by an early night usually does the trick for me. Keep protein content high at meals to increase satiety and prevent mindless snacking and drink plenty of water.

Helen Barness KSFL Thurrock

I take a look at whether I’ve got too much going on, take a few earlier nights, eat plenty of fresh food and ease off the meat so stick to plant based protein as digestive system gets sluggish when you’re tired. I also take a total time out if getting really tired and ditch the phone/internet for a couple of hours as it keeps my brain too wired.

Sarah Hogan KSFL Lincoln

Switch off the phone if you can! Have your fave fresh food to eat. Chill out on the sofa or try some meditation. Xx

Nicola Carless KSFL Bromsgrove

I make sure I eat well throughout the day to keep my energy levels up and even though I sometimes feel too tired to exercise for myself I know that if I go for a 10 minute walk or do a 10 minute workout it will make me feel less tired in the long run and boosts my energy. When I am feeling really stressed and overwhelmed I take 10 minutes out with a cup of green tea and either listen to music or read. Whatever relaxes you will improve your energy.


Thanks to our Wellness Stars!

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