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Kick Start Womens Health & Wellness Newsletter 13th January

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Have you launched yourself into a ‘New Year Plan” for 2020…or not quite got going yet?

Here are 6 Menopause weight loss tips and a free What App Group to help you get motivated and accountable.

1: The metabolic rate is slowing down during menopause, so you may notice weight gain creeping up on you. Short Weight Training workouts will help MASSIVELY, these can be performed at home.

2: Hot sweats will leave your dehydrated so make sure you are sipping water all day.

3:Weight gain distribution changes during the Meno years, BUT weight training and moving MORE during the day will help.

4:Track your calories. Find out what you are REALLY consuming not what you THINK you are consuming, track using My Fitness Pal for a week and record EVERYTHING.

5: Stress, Anxiety, Confusion, Tiredness, Indecideness are SO common. Are these symptoms/feelings/emotions causing you to comfort eat?

Work on stress management through exercise, meditation, and FUN/JOYFUL activities every day.

6: SUPPORT – If you have made up your mind to improve your health, get fitter and lose weight get SUPPORT and accountability. You will HIT Your goals much faster.

I’ve recorded several podcasts that will help you get motivated and on track. Subscribe on apple podcast, google &  Spotify.

How To Get Back On Track After Christmas

The Key To Succes Is Accountability


Starts Monday 20th January 2020

Is midsection weight gain getting you down? It’s so common to experience weight gain around your middle in Menopause which can be frustrating and annoying.

Join my free challenge group for a daily workout (you can use weights and an Activation Band or no equipment options) motivation and nutrition tips.


Hope that helps.

Rachel x

***Menopause RESOURCES**

Highly Recommend Dr Louise Newsome’s Blogs and Podcast she is also on IG as The Menopause Doctor.

Meg Matthews Megs Menopause – Website and Blog are great resources.

Menopause Matters is a great website with Dr Heather Currie.

Join my Menopause Membership Online Programme click here

To read the last 7 parts of my menopause series head to KickStartFatloss.net or follow my  KickStartFL  Instagram for daily tips.

I hope you are enjoying this series on menopausal health.






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