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Everywhere I go people tell me they are desperate to lose weight.

They tell me about this and that diet they have tried and keep trying.

This slimming club and that gym.

Starvation and being beasted.

Only to binge at the end of the day (or week if they made it that far)

White knuckling it.

Praying that  will power will get you through the day.

Only then to jump on the sales and see a 1 Lb loss????


For all that misery?

“ If only I had eaten less”

“ If only I have added MORE exercise into the week”

“ I would of seen a bigger drop”

Feeling demotivated, upset and depressed.

You throw  in the towel order a Chinese, sink a bottle of

wine and think

why bother 🙁

Then to mentally beat yourself up and vow you’ll give it another
bash on Monday.

All that mental energy distracting you from living a happy life.

Going about your day obsessed with food and what you are going to eat next.

Thinking about all the foods you can’t have.


Lets get this sorted out once and for all.

You are on my Kick Start Fat Loss list somehow.

Somehow you found yourself here because you came to a class
with me or one of the franchisees.


You found us on Facebook and something peaked your interest
and you added your email.

If you are stuck in ground hog day

….constantly starting and restarting its
important to look at the whole picture…..

not just eating less and moving more but the quality of the food, your sleep, how much stress you are under….The day to day chronic stress that could be massively impacting your results.

Exercising at the right intensity for you so you are not overloading MORE stress onto your body,

Your hormones and lifestyle all need to be taken into consideration when planning your nutrition and fitness programme.

We look, not just at your nutrition and exercise but

your emotional and mental health,
your sleep and stress.Are you ready to make some changes?
My big goal is to have a KSFL class in every city, town
and  village. So you can in drop, feel supported and cared for,
take control back and reset your health.
Get the latest
researched based information
and reset your health and lifestyle.
Big goals but why not 🙂
Love Rachel xxxxx
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