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Be A Weekend Warrior

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WOW the weather has taken a turn for the worse and it is certainly winter… this can make you feel sluggish and tired leaving you with a lack of motivation to exercise and eat healthily.

Have no fear KSFL is here to give you the 5 tips you need to be a weekend warrior and get back on track and feeling energetic!

•Workout in the living room or go to the gym and try a new class… working out in the rain can be so demotivating so keep it indoors with a fun new class or workout with Rachel Holmes every morning on KSFL Facebook.

•Breakfast is so important, greens juices/blends are great to pack in those vitamins!

garden green coco juice

•Take a packed lunch full of good fats or even better use leftovers from last night’s dinner and reheat for a warming lunch.

avo mango quinoa salad

•Dinner- keep it EASY, the slow cooker should be on overload this time of year.

Try these recipes:

slow cooked tasty chicken curryChilli Con Carne

•Sleep- get plenty of sleep and have a nice warm bath with essential oils before bed to relax and unwind.

Try our selection of workout videos HERE

Have a great weekend and please share your feedback with us @KSFLUK

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