Are your workouts sabotaging your metabolism?

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Metabolism converts everything you eat and drink into energy and the kind of workouts you do could have a real effect on the results you are getting with KSFL.

Here is how to make your workouts amazing:

1. HIIT training

Keep it short, varied and high intensity intervals to get the maximum out of your workout- PLUS with it being a shorter workout it is easier to fit into your daily routine.

2. But avoid overdoing it

Intense exercise puts a lot of stress on the body, so try and restrict yourself to 3 days a week to allow your body t rest- and mix with lower intensity such as pilates or yoga.


3. Less cardio, more strength training

Don’t fear using the weights- you won’t get muscly – kettle bells and hand weights are a fantastic addition to a home workout.

4. Get your food right!!

Don’t undo all of your hard work- eat food that fuels you and nourishes your body to aid recovery!

5. Listen to your body


If you are over doing it your body will tell you- Listen and change your routine with what works for you.

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