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10 Recipes You Can Make in Under 30 Minutes

Time is precious for us all and sometimes we just need HELP to stay on a healthy diet with EASY 10 minute recipes that the whole family can enjoy. Today we have for you 10 recipes that can be made in under 30 minutes:   1. KSFL BURRITO BOWL 2. KSFL COLD SOUP 3. KSFL

NEW Fruit Smoothie Favourites with the Nutri-Fit

We have been playing with our brand new Nutri-Fit and making some lovely new fruit smoothie recipes! Andrew James Nutri-Fit Nutrition Extractor Blender   This little beast has been so much fun to play with- I have been making nut butters, smoothies and plenty more treats. The attachments are brilliant allowing me to whip up

BOOST your good gut bacteria home made fermented food

Have you heard about fermented food??   This stuff is FANTASTIC and the talk of the town at the moment…Just 75g of fermented food a day is ideal to supply gut-friendly bacteria, vital in healthy digestion and strong immunity. Kimchi or Sauerkraut are brilliant additions to the diet see these great recipes below: Homemade Sauerkraut Ingredients

NEW Fresh and Summery Pea and Cucumber Soup

We have a fantastic new recipe for you, to be served hot or cold, this soup is great for packed lunch and any meal of the day… Summery Pea and Cucumber Soup Ingredients 1 tsp Kick Start coconut oil 1 small bunch spring onions, chopped 1 cucumber, chopped 225g frozen peas 1 large round lettuce,chopped

Have You Eaten Too Much This Weekend? Don’t WORRY top tips to feel awesome

What a brilliant bank holiday… it’s just over so fast. What did you get up to? I spent lots of family time, farm visits, nature walks and pub lunches with a children’s party at a soft play thrown in for good measure Have you Eaten Lot’s and Enjoyed Amazing Food This Weekend? Who hasn’t… it’s

How to ease desk job back ache

Do you get aches and pains from your desk job? Now you are back from the Bank Holiday you will no doubt be feeling better already but it is back to work for most of us and time to start changing how we work!   Surprisingly physical activity can be one of the best ways

Bank Holiday Weekend Recipes For The Family

Happy sunny Bank Holiday weekend!  This is the perfect time to get out and about with the family as well as enjoying some new recipes that the kids can get involved with…. Try these recipes this weekend and TWEET us your pics @KSFLUK 🙂 Happy eating, Love KSFL x

Are your workouts sabotaging your metabolism?

Metabolism converts everything you eat and drink into energy and the kind of workouts you do could have a real effect on the results you are getting with KSFL. Here is how to make your workouts amazing: 1. HIIT training Keep it short, varied and high intensity intervals to get the maximum out of your workout- PLUS

Do you want to lose weight and gain time??

  Are you still trying to lose weight and seem to have hit a standstill? As an advocate of cooking from scratch, eating organic and choosing all of the so-called “right foods” plus training hard every day, running my business etc……my own weight and size fluctuates all of the time. It can be so frustrating

Friday Feeling Motivation from Rachel Holmes

Getting your nutrition on point, exercising every day, getting enough sleep and remembering to take your supplements can be such a huge challenge when you are stressed, facing challenging situations and so time poor you can barely remember what day it is. If you feel like you are not getting everything right at this moment