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Are YOU Back On Track with Your Diet This Week?

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It’s MONDAY so lets get some food
discipline back into your life.
Today Kick Start Fat Loss has made
the national

We are over on moon
here with our biggest loser Lesley Gooch
who is almost at a 10stone loss.

We have some amazing life transformation
stories that are being featured in the national
papers over the next few weeks.

Have a quick look at The MIRROR here

“Get Back On It Today”

Quick Motivational KSFL®
Tips from Rachel

1: Aim to get up 15minutes earlier & do a quick
10 min HIIT Workout.

Then whatever the day throws at you, it’s
all cool. You have done a great workout.

Here is a link to one of my HIITS for you to do!


2: Take a cold shower for fatloss.

Yep, I know
it seems a bit random, but studies show
cold exposure is great for burning brown fat.

Stand under the shower with your back
to the head and blast the cold for 2 minutes
at the back of your neck.

3: Drink 2 litres of clean
bottled water.

Keep sipping through the day.

4: Start your day (Break Your Fast)
with eggs or a high protein
lunch style breakfast.

This will regulate your blood sugar
levels, keep you going until lunch & help
you calm your sugar cravings.

5: Eat 3 meals today. No snacking.

Go for a high protein meats/fish
lots of good carbs such a green vegetables
& eat your brown rice/sweet potato on meals 1 & 2.

6: Have a coffee free day.

Go for  fruit teas or
just cleanse your system with water.

7: Type a positive affirmation into your phone
& keep the mantra in your mind all day.

“Today I choose healthy fatburning food”

8: Do you need some KSFL food ideas?

Check out my BLOG as I have posted so
many recipe & meal ideas. There are tons
if you have a quick look back click here

It takes a little effort to “Get Back On It”
if you have had a busy, social
weekend but getting back
on track & getting that discipline
back into your
daily routine makes you feel great.

I REALLY love to hear from you so
please say “HI”on Twitter @RachelHolmes

Have a wonderful, wicked & productive Monday

Love Rachel xx

Do you need more Kick Start Fat Loss Food Ideas?

I launched my Kick Start YOUR Fat loss – The Ultimate 30 Day Detox BOOK?
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AND? 30 Breakfast: 30 Lunch: 30 Dinner Recipes

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