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I keep coming back to that word Potential You can choose to sneak under the radar. Be the people pleaser saying YES to things, situations, circumstances & what other people want you to do. Without giving it much thought, but knowing its not serving you, your core desires or what is really right for you.


What Women REALLY WANT to know….Mondays Motivational

The Womens Wellness Summit was groundbreaking. It was a game changer. For all Fit Pros & Women interested in Female health, wellness, fitness, training, nutrition, Pre/Post Natal Wellness, Fertility, Infertility, Menopause, Pelvic pain, Sex post baby, Periods there was outstanding, cutting edge information. Information we desperately NEED to serve our female clients  (AND Ourselves) to


Are YOU a People Pleaser?

Get a First Class Ticket On The JUST SAY NO TRAIN! Are you a people pleaser? Are you struggling to get on the “JUST SAY NO” Train & is it having an effect on your fitness, health, business, Life & SANITY? Do YOU see yourself as an assertive person? But, do you find yourself saying


Need a Motivational KICK today?

  Anyone can give you a diet sheet to follow. Lets face it you can get a “diet/weightloss plan” of the back of a cereal box (Don’t get me started on this one!) Clever & extremely persuasive marketing convinces us to buy highly processed crap that keep us locked down into sugar addiction. Constantly buying